Handset Provisioning

Handset Provisioning

What is Handset Provisioning and what does it do?

Provisioning allows you to provision (remotely configure) phones by pointing them at our server in the Web User Interface.

Supported Brands: 


Q: How secure is it/Why isn’t there a username/password

A: This system uses mTLS (mutual transport layer security). After the handset verifies the server (standard https) the server then asks the device for a certificate which is then verified. The MAC associated with the device is then checked against our database and pertinent data retrieved internally via our API.

Q: Will it accept handsets purchased elsewhere?

A: Yes , just point it at our server and ensure you have added a provisioning entry for the phone..

Q: How can I get a handset that isn’t listed?

A: Request via our Support team. To begin with we are looking to support Grandstream handsets, however, we have plans to add Yealink and Snom in the near future (and would happily consider other manufacturers depending on volume)

Q: Can I change the MAC address to another user in 6 months time? How can I delete config for reuse elsewhere?

A: Yes, you can swap/remove phones and users around and re-provision with a reboot mere minutes apart. 

Q: Will it work on DECT phones/Base Stations with multiple handsets? 

A: Yes, it will work with them, however currently only a single handset linked to the station is supported

Q: How does it recognise a valid MAC address? (typos/duplication)

A: There is validation in the API (length, hexadecimal) and duplication check - however as long as every other criteria is met, they can certainly enter the wrong MAC

Q: Does it allow the MAC address in two places at the same time?

A: No, the system only supports a single user on each device

Q: Can we have any custom settings (eg blf?)

A: No, though this is being considered for a future release depending on demand. 

Q: Does it do anything else other than provisioning? I.e. can I specify custom templates with ringtones on/off? 

A: No, custom config is being considered for the future

Q: Can I perform other functions such as Factory Resets / Change the timezone BST/GMT? 

A: No - however the timezone should be set on the template