Grandstream Provisioning

Allocating an extension to your handset

To start this process you will require the MAC address and Model of the handset (Usually found on a sticker on the back of the handset or on the box)

1. Log in to your account at:

2. Navigate to Extensions

3.  Select the extension you wish to allocate to the handset (This needs to be a regular extension not a virtual extension)

4.  Locate "Auto-Provisioning" and select "Provision a device"

5. Select Grandstream under "Device Manufacturer" 

6. Select your handset model under "Device Model"

7. Enter the MAC address of your handset under "MAC Address and click confirm

8. Finally, reboot your handset by pressing the menu key (this is the key in the middle of the directional buttons). From the menu you should be able to access Reboot.

Accessing the Grandstream Web User Interface (Web GUI) 

1.  You'll need your handsets IP address in order to access the Web GUI. To find the IP address of the phone, press the menu key, this is the key in the middle of the directional buttons. From the menu you should be able to access Status, then within that Network Status, here you should find your phone's IP address.2. Now using a web browser you can access the web interface by typing in the IP address directly into the address bar.The default username and password are both "admin" 

Pointing your handset at our provisioning server 

1. Once logged into the Web GUI, navigate to MAINTENANCE > Update and Provisioning.

2. Next, locate the "Config" (as below) select the HTTPS radio button and enter the Config Server Path as:

3. Click Start next to Provision.

4. Finally, click Upload and exit the Web GUI.

5. Congratulations! Your handset is now provisioned.