Guide to submitting a port

Obtaining the relevant information

To begin the porting process, you will need to get the relevant information and documentation.

You can start by asking your current Communication Provider, advising them that you wish to port your number to a new provider. 

Your current CP should then confirm who the losing "Network Provider" is (which is needed for porting purposes as that's who the Letter of Authorisation should be addressed to).

A few questions that you should ask your current provider (to ensure the port is processed easily) would be the following:

  • Who is the Current Network Provider for this number?
  • Is this number a "Single Line" or a "Multi Line"?
    • If Multi Line - Is this the Main Billing Number (MBN) and are there any associated numbers?
  • Please confirm the "Installation Postcode" for this number.

If you're able to obtain all the above information, then the porting request should be extremely easy to process! If some information is unknown, then it may be worth going down the Pre-order Validation (POV) route.

Submitting the port

When you wish to port a number to your account, you will need to raise this as an email to (with the "Main Billing Number" in the subject). In order for the port to be processed quickly and efficiently, you should try to provide the following:

  • A Letter of Authorisation
  • A copy of your most recent bill (for "proof of ownership")
  • Any information you know about the port (associated numbers, Line Type etc).

If you're unsure what the Main Billing Number is, then please use either the number that you're intending to port, or the start of the range of numbers if applicable.

Porting timescales

While we do make every effort to streamline the process, porting timescales can vary depending on how quickly we receive all the correct documentation and agreement from your current provider. This is also dependent on the type of and number of line(s) you are porting.

Although we work hard to minimise any impact relating to the migration or porting of a number, there may be a short period of downtime when the actual port occurs as the losing network updates their systems. This sometimes causes people dialling your number to occasionally reach your old provider rather than ourselves for a short period of time, although this is very rare.

Other Services

It is important to remember that when you port a number away from a fixed line, the line itself will usually be ceased as it is generally no longer required.

If you have other services on a BT line, such as (but not limited to) ADSL or RedCare, porting the number away may also cease those services, and you may need to pay additional charges to get them reconnected. Please contact your existing provider for more information regarding this.

You will also lose access to any services provided by your old telecoms provider, such as voicemail. However, following the completion of the port, the full range of Nimvelo services will be available to you on that number.

Porting a number back out

If you are not happy with our service after porting a number in, you can port back out. This requires full co-operation of the original telecoms provider to accept the number back onto their systems. If you are in doubt, check with them before porting the number into us.