Letters of Authorisation (LOA)

From Monday 7th September 2020, the below is the acceptable format for a Letter of Authorisation (LOA). A downloadable template of this LOA can be found here. If we receive an LOA of the old format, we will need to request that this is changed to the new version.

The LOA should be relatively self-explanatory, but the following should be considered:

  • LOA to be completed on company letter headed paper.
  • Current Provider
    • This is the Network Provider - the End User can get this information from their current provider
  • New Provider
    • This will be Simwood eSMS Limited (as shown on the examples below
  • Site address
    • This is the address that is linked to the number you're intending to port
    • This may not be the address where the number is currently working
    • The End User can confirm with their provider what address they currently have listed
  • Signed
    • This MUST be a "wet" signature, or the full document needs to be e-signed
    • Typing the name in a (hand-written) font is NOT acceptable

There are two ways to provide us with the document:

  1. Attached to the relevant ticket (in a .pdf format)
  2. Attached in an email (.eml) directly from the End User. This will require the following:
  • The email must be sent from the End User, where their domain name is clear in their email address
  • The email must show clearly the End User's name, job title, company's full name and address
  • The LOA / email may use e-Signature

If using the second method, the End User's letterhead is not a necessity, but it is still highly desirable.

An LOA needs to be in a non-editable format (i.e .pdf or .png).

LOAs submitted in an editable format such as .docx will be rejected and requested to be resubmitted in a relevant format.

There is also a Purpose, Ground Rules and Logistics document outlining some more points regarding the new LOAs if required.

If you do have any further questions on LOAs, please drop us an email to porting@sipcentric.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note: If the Letter of Authorisation is not provided / submitted in this format (i.e if there are fields missing, the format is different etc), then we will need to ask you to amend this. This could cause unnecessary delays.