How to configure the Acrobits Softphone app for iPhone

First steps

The Acrobits application for iPhone is available from the iTunes store.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, continue with entering your extension settings as below.

Basic configuration

To begin, select Settings in the top right hand corner.

The following screen should appear. First, change the Incoming Calls option to 'Push Notifications' (if not selected already).

Next, select SIP Accounts, then the plus + in the top-right corner.

Select Generic SIP Account as shown below.

You will need to configure the following fields, using the correct settings for your extension (see phone extension SIP settings):

  • Title: can be anything and is purely to help identify the account if you have more than one
  • Username: enter the six digit extension username
  • Password: enter the extension password
  • Domain: enter
  • Display Name: enter your name

Once finished click save.

ext, click on Advanced Settings, scroll down to the option Expires, change the time to '300', then click Done in the top-right corner.

Your app should now be ready, click on Settings, then Done to save your settings and return to the main screen. In the top left the account name should be shown in green and you are now ready to make a receive calls.