Generic Handset Configuration Advice

This article will cover some generic settings we advise changing when configuring any VOIP handset. Please note that these settings may be called something different on each model.

Account Settings

Username: from the SIP settings of your extension.
Authorisation Username: Same as Username.
Password: from the SIP settings of your extension.
SIP Server: from the SIP settings of your extension.
Voicemail ID: *95

You can get the credentials following our Phone extension SIP Settings guide.

Network Settings

NAT Traversal: Keep-alive

SIP Settings

Registration Expiration: 5 minutes / 300 seconds
SIP Transport: UDP

Security Settings

Check SIP User ID for Incoming INVITE: Yes

Other Settings

Device Feature Codes: Disabled

If you would like secure calling see our SIP TLS / SRTP (Secure Calling) guide.