Grandstream DECT DP720/750 Configuration

Configuring a Grandstream DP720 DECT Cordless HD Handset & DP750 DECT Cordless VoIP Base Station.

First Steps:

If you purchased the handset from Nimvelo and asked us to configure it for you then it should be ready for use on arrival. However if you sourced them yourself then you will need to configure them for use with our service.

This guide is specifically for the Grandstream DP720 DECT Cordless HD Handset & DP750 DECT Cordless VoIP Base Station. For any other models please see our Grandstream Phone Configuration guide.

Before we begin configuring your new device please read the instruction manual, then follow the instructions to connect your device to the mains power supply and an active port on your router. Switch the power on, then leave for a few minutes to allow the phone to start up.

Now it should be ready for you to connect to our network and start making calls!

Connecting your handset to the base station:

To connect your handset to the DP750 base station press and hold the Radio/Page button on your base station for 7 seconds or until the Radio icon starts blinking.

On your handset press subscribe if on the main screen or access the menu, then go to registration. Press register while the Radio icon is still blinking on your DP750.

This will work only if the handset is not currently connected to another base station.

Obtaining Base Station I.P Address using DP720 Handset

Now that your devices are paired up the next step is getting the I.P address to allow you to connect to our services.

On your handset open the menu, then access the status page followed by the base status. Now, note down the I.P address that you will find there.

Web UI and configuring your device

Now that you have the base station I.P open a new web browser. Put the IP address into the address bar.

That should take you to the Web UI as shown below:

The default username and password are set as admin, log in using these default credentials.

To begin with head to the profiles section and open General Settings.

  • There will be a box titled profile name, enter the name you wish to associate with this account.
  • Then enter your SIP Server into the box provided.
  • Change the column titled Profile Active to Yes.
  • Lastly enter *95 into the Voicemail Access Number section.

Once this is completed move to the Network Settings section of the profiles tab. You will need to change two settings.

  • First change the DNS Mode to SRV.
  • Then, change the Nat Traversal to Keep Alive.

Now access the Sip Settings menu.

  • Find the line titled Register Expiration and set this to 5 minutes.
  • Find Subscribe for MWI and set this to yes.
  • Select the security settings and change Check SIP User ID for incoming invite to yes.

Now move to the settings titled DECT and find the SIP Account Settings.

  • Put the SIP User ID and authentication into the line associated with the profile you just set up.

  • Ensure you change the column titled HS MODE to ‘HSX’ to link handset X and your profile.

Lastly if you head to the section titled Maintenance and then Date & Time. Here you will be able to update your handsets date and time to display correctly for you. Just switch the time zone into your appropriate location and this should update for you.

Once this is all entered and successfully configured you should now be able to make and receive calls!