What is Number Portability?

Number portability is when an End User (EU) wishes to move their telephone number(s) / service(s) from one Communication Provider (CP) to another. 

While saying number portability is simply “moving a number from one provider to another”, there is of course far more that goes into it.

For example, every active telephone number has a Range Holder (RH) involved in a number port. More information on Range Holders and their responsibilities can found below:

The Range Holder (RH) is the CP that obtained a particular range from Ofcom. A range of numbers could be: 0117 990 XXXX. This range of numbers is primarily used within the Bristol locality, and the RH of these numbers is Simwood eSMS Ltd. If you wish to find out who the RH is for any particular number, you can search this on https://www.telecom-tariffs.co.uk/codelook.htm.

The RH will always be involved with respect to keeping a number in service. This means, after a number has ported to a different CP, the RH will from that point on direct all calls to the End User’s Network Provider. The Network Provider is the CP at the very top of the supply chain.

Number porting is a service available for End Users to move their numbers if they so choose. It is not for CPs to port numbers if they choose to switch wholesale providers.

We also need to make sure we have an agreement with the necessary providers, or we won't be able to port the number! 

In order for an RH to be able to direct a number to the Gaining CP, there needs to be an agreement already established between the two providers. Without this, the RH will not know how to direct the traffic and would not be able to direct calls as needed. We are able to port with the majority of CPs (more information on this article), but if you are ever unsure, you can always ask us!

If you wish to submit a porting request, then you can find more information on our porting guide.