Call History, Credit & Bundles

Nimvelo makes it easy to track your calls, and see how your account has been used. In the Account section of the portal, you will find your Call History, detailing all incoming and outgoing calls, along with their cost. If you make a high volume of calls each month, Call Bundles allow you to pre-purchase a quantity of minutes to set destinations, at a much lower price than our standard tariff. You can mix and match, or add multiple quantities to suit your needs. These are available under Credit & Bundles in the Account section.
Listing your calls 
Under Account > Call History, the Nimvelo portal shows you a complete list of all calls made and received through your account. You can see the date and time, caller ID, recipient, duration and cost, plus whether the call was incoming or outgoing. This is displayed by month.

Credit & Bundles
Under Account > Credit & Bundles, you can see how much pre-paid credit is available on your account, and add more credit by clicking the "Add Credit" button.

You can also add bundles of minutes to control your spend.  To add a new bundle, click the "Add Your First" button.

Under Expired Bundles, you can see Bundles from previous months in order to compare usage.
Notes about Call Bundles
  • If you add a bundle part way through a month, the minutes will be calculated on a pro rata basis, and a proportional amount will be charged. For example, if you add a 1000 minute/ £5 a month bundle half-way through the month, you will be charged £2.50, and you will receive 500 minutes. When the bundle renews, you will be charged for a complete month
  • Bundles will automatically renew every month until you cancel them
  • Unused bundle minutes do not roll over