Adding and removing users

You may grant other users access to login to your portal by adding additional team members. Users may be granted permission to manage just a single extension, or all of them depending on your requirements.

Adding a New User

Click “Invite new Team member” and complete the following fields: 

  • Access level– choose between 

        Extension - users can only view/modify their own extension

        Admin - Users have full access to view/modify most things on the account

        Owner - Users have ultimate control over the account, including granting access to sensitive information such as call recordings. An account can have multiple owners. 

  • Access to call recordings– this option allows you to specify which extension should be managed by this user.

Accepting an Invite

  • Username– this must be at least 6 characters long and may only contain letters/numbers.
  • Password– minimum 6 characters.

Removing a Web User

Select the user(s) you wish to remove and click “Remove Selected”.