Chrome extension - Preferences

To access your extensions preferences you need click on the cog icon in the top right corner of the extension.

This should bring up the following options...

From here you can change the phone extension that you previously selected, turn on/off clickable numbers, reset all data, notification settings and screen popping settings.

To change the currently connected phone extension simply click on the drop down arrow, select the correct extension and click save.

Clicking on notification settings brings up the following options...

Here you can turn off notifications for incoming calls and incoming SMS separately. You are also able to change the time the notification stays open on your screen by inputting a time between 1-20 seconds. Make sure you press save to keep any changes you may have made.

Clicking on the screen popping tab brings up the following...

From here you are able to switch screen popping on and off and enter you application URL, remember to click save if you have made any changes.

The final option on the preferences tab is the ability to turn clickable numbers on or off. Clickable numbers switched on allows users to click the majority of numbers on webpages to make instant calls.