Phone Extensions

Every user in your business needs a phone extension. The extension can be a hardware phone, a virtual softphone app, or a forwarding number (such as a mobile number). 

When a call comes in, it’s routed to the assigned destination, and the extensions you’ve defined will ring.
Adding a Phone Extension
On the left-hand side of the screen go to 'Extensions'. Then, click the Add extension button.
In the dialogue box, choose a Regular or Virtual extension (Charges may apply for regular extensions), then assign a unique 3-digit extension number.
If you’re not sure what to choose here, remember that:
Regular extensions are VoIP extensions. They offer call recording and voicemail functionality, and they allow you to redirect calls at different times of the day. 
Virtual extensions are forwarding extensions. With this option, you can forward a call to your landline or mobile, but you can’t use our advanced VoIP features.
If the extension is a Regular extension, it will be tagged with a telephone icon with a solid dot in the center. If it is a Virtual extension, you will see a telephone icon with a forward arrow.

Configuring an Extension

Click the extension you want to edit. The extension you select is highlighted with a grey outline.
Regular extensions offer the following options:
  • Outgoing caller ID lets you specify which number will be shown on the recipient’s screen when you call them
  • Ring timeout specifies the duration that the call can ring before it is classed as ‘unanswered’
  • Call recording records all calls through this extension, allowing you to download them later. Call recordings are kept on our server for 30 days before they are permanently deleted. Please note calls forwarded to a mobile number via a forwarding rule on a physical extension are also reccorded.
  • Call waiting redirects one additional call to the additional line on your VoIP device or app, if that feature is available
  • Forwarding Rules let you specify particular conditions that will change the way a call is forwarded. For example, on a Bank Holiday, you can automatically have calls sent to voicemail.
  • Voicemail Settings allow you to toggle voicemail on or off for the extension. You can also set the security PIN code and a notification email that will be used when a new message is received.
  • Connected Devices lists the hardware phones and/or softphones registered to this device. Click Connect a handset to set up a new device or app, using the settings provided.
Virtual extensions offer the following options:
  • Forward calls to can be any landline or mobile number. You can even use an international number if the account settings allow it.
  • Ring timeout specifies the duration that the call can ring before it is classed as ‘unanswered’
  • Call screening lets you confirm that you want to answer the call before it is connected