Sending and Receiving SMS from the Chrome extension

To send new messages and view any received messages click on the envelope icon on the navigation bar of the extension. The following window appears showing the most latest message in any recent SMS conversations.

To send a new SMS (text message), click the New+ button, which is below the SMS conversations.

Enter the recipient's number and select the number from which you would like the message to originate.

Type your message, then click "Send".

If successful, a message will appear at the bottom saying "message sent".

If it fails then a red error message appears (see below). Correct any errors and click send once more.

To read full SMS conversations click on either the name or number in the recent conversation list and the full conversation between you and that number should appear like the following.

You also have the option to send a SMS to the number by typing in your message in the box and clicking send.