Porting timescales

While we do make every effort to streamline the process, porting timescales can vary depending on how quickly we receive all the correct documentation and agreement from your current telecoms provider. Between 14 and 36 days is usual, but exceptional circumstances may delay the process. This is also dependent on the type of line(s) from which you are porting numbers. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Although we work hard to minimise any impact relating to the migration or porting of a number, there may be a short period of downtime when the actual port occurs as the losing network updates its systems. This sometimes causes people dialling your number to occasionally reach your old provider rather than Nimvelo for a short period of time, although this is very rare.

Ports are usually completed at around 10am on the day of the port. The date is agreed in advance, between us and the losing provider, subject to the following minimum lead times:

  • Single Line - 7 working days
  • Single Line with greater than 10 lines porting at the same time - 14 working days
  • Multi Line – 30 numbers or less - 7 working days
  • Multi Line – 31 numbers or greater - 17 working days
  • Multi Line – Complex DDI - 22 working days