Can I give callers the option to dial an extension if they know it?

This article assumes that you already have in place an IVR menu. If you don’t, please refer to the 'Voice Menus (IVRs)‘ help article before proceeding with the following steps.

Step 1- In the menu on the side, select IVR Menus. This should bring you to the IVR you have already set up. 

Step 2 - Select a number that the customer will have to dial to access the extension dialling. In this case, 9 is used. On the drop down action menu, pick ‘dial extension’.

Step 3 - Re-record and upload your greeting to incorporate this option. A suggested template for your newly set up greeting could be along the lines of “Thank you for calling <company name>! If you know the extension number of the person you wish to call, press <the number you have selected>. Otherwise, please press 1 for Sales or 2 for Support (etc)”.

Step 4 - Set the ‘entry sound’ to the one you have just uploaded and finally, click save.

Now, when your callers press this new option, they will be prompted to enter the 3 digit extension number of the person they wish to dial.