How to access voicemail from handset and add or remove custom or temporary greeting

Q. How do you access voicemail from your handset, is there a number to dial like 1571? Also, how do you have a custom voicemail message instead of the generic extension one?

A. Dial *95 (for personal voicemail) or *95xxx (for a shared mailbox you will need to enter the 3 digit extension after *95) from your handset to access your voicemail. Choose mailbox options to record your own greeting. Alternatively please send a sound file in WAV or MP3 format smaller than 10mb to

If you would like to record a temporary greeting, you can call into the mailbox selecting option 0 then option 4 to record the temporary message.

To remove the temporary greeting call into the mailbox selecting option 0, option 4 then option 2 to remove the temporary message.